Those white backgrounds take the game many notches higher when it comes to eCommerce product photography. Nowadays the e-commerce handlers understand the importance of having high-quality images on their sites and the impact those images can have on their conversion rate. And that is why over 90% of them choose to have their photographs edited to remove the background and replace it with white.

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White backgrounds are popular amongst eCommerce and product sites for good reason. It’s the go-to approach for most sellers whether they be jewelry stores, fashion stores or furniture stores. A white background communicates class, premium quality and transparency. It also brings highlight to the product and emphasizes it because white backgrounds mean no distractions. You can focus on presenting the product – the quality of its finish and the detail – without having distracting backdrops or focus points.

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Amazon Product Background Removal Service

Cuts cost and expedites the editing process

A white backdrop simplifies the shooting process. The cost of searching out locations, hiring a model, a pro photographer and an art director can push a shoot budget into four figures. White backgrounds eliminate the need for all of this. They require a relatively simple process, and even less technical expertise. Also, when shooting and editing a product in the context of a scene, differences in lighting, color and focus can lead to complications. Editing images of products against a simple backdrop, however, is a lot less time-consuming.

Storytelling through products

Photographing products in context is a great way to tell the story behind the product and bring it to life. For example, an online fashion store could enrich their range by using look-book style images of the models living the clothes. Also it’s easier for customers to infer who the product was designed for if they are given context. A white background encourages aspiration and inspiration by presenting a product within an aspirational setting by enhancing its desirability. The customer doesn’t need to imagine what the mirror would look like on their wall, they can see it in full color as part of a beautifully designed interior which can make them want it more.

Promotion of consistency

Using white backdrops across all products in e-commerce websites ensures consistency, contributing to a uniform look and feel throughout the site. Just as it is important to ensure the brand identity of a seller is consistent, the same goes for photography. Imagine a site where each product was presented against a different background, with a variety of lighting and angles. It would get confusing and distracting for the buyer.

Pure White Background to Become a Top Seller in Amazon & Shopify

Selling a multitude of products within one lifestyle image is becoming increasingly popular. It’s a great way of not only selling a lifestyle concept but also of tempting customers to buy the complementary products that sit alongside each other. It’s integral that whatever you choose for your website background should be cohesive with your brand. Adding white background to images in e-commerce websites in portraying products will go a long way in building brand recognition, which links directly to consumer confidence.