Adding a shadow to an image adds a more dramatic effect and makes the picture look more real. The shadow effect reflects a lifelike portrait of an image and in effect, the image attracts more customers.

In photography, the spaces that are not in the light add an impact to the image that is why these spaces are equally important as the images.

Shadows enhance the visual power and mood of a photograph. It even helps tell a story. In some cases, the shadow overshadows the subject when it becomes more interesting than the subject.

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Photoshop Shadow Effect

  • Natural Shadow – Natural shadow is applied to photos where the background surface does not reflect in the bottom area during photography. The natural shadow is pitched onto the surface the object is placed on.
  • Cast Shadow – Cast shadow is also called existing shadow. This means that the existing shadow of a photo can still be used. In this case, the background is removed or the level of transparency and opacity is adjusted to highlight the shadow.
  • Reflection Shadow – Reflection Shadow is also known as Mirror Effect. When adding a reflection shadow, it makes the subject seem like it was taken on a highly reflective surface. This mirror effect gives a depth and solidity to the photo.

Shadow Effect for Photographer

Lighting is an important element in photography. Photographers need to always bring with them accessories such as external flash, light reflector, pop up flash diffuser and others that can enhance or  improve the lighting of the subject. Most of the time, having to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, white balance, brightness, contrast, and exposure is not enough to correct the lighting of a subject.

For a normal person, photography is all about lighting. Heavy shadows and poor lighting sometimes destroy what could have been a nice photo. For photographers, shadows are as important as lighting. Shadows balance the lighting of a subject. The shadows shape the light and draw attention to the light. There is a technique when it comes to using these shadows to add contrast or a dramatic effect to the subject.

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Remove Shadow from Photo

Aside from adding or enhancing shadows on images, we also include removing shadows in our services. Allow us to do professional adding or removing of shadows to your photos and we guarantee that you’ll get the enhanced photos back within the day. You get accurate and high quality photos at a very affordable price. The photos will look superb. Our photos are aimed at perfection and we only want what’s best for our customers.

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