A camera’s click does not end the story. If you want your picture to be worth a thousand words, you need to add meaning to it. An image speaks through its content, therefore, the content must relate to the idea one wishes to depict. Take product marketing as an example; companies do not just show their product through images, rather they show it off to grab the attention of their target audience. When it comes to the automobile industry, car sales really depend on image editing services. Because, why would a company risk its sales over a raw, unattractive picture? Therefore, photographers are constantly needed to provide exceptional quality car photos. To satisfy their needs, car image editing services come in hand.

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Car image editing services or vehicle enhancement services help out both photographers and indirectly, automobile professionals to enhance the looks of their vehicle’s images. It refers to the improvement or modification of digitised or traditional images using various tools and techniques. Although high-end DSLRs capture good pictures but they cannot be used for marketing purposes. Image editors use their skills and charm to make them perfect for production. After they process an image through their editing techniques, the output product comes out with improved quality and vibrant important parameters.

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What type of services car photo editors provide?

Photographers rely on skilled image editors who know how to enhance and produce market-worthy car images. Vehicle enhancement services grab snaps from photographers and refine them through retouching so that the qualitative aspects of those photos are focussed.

The services image editors provide are:

?Noise Reduction – to smoothen the quality of a picture. Usually when photographers take picture at low light, they need high-end photo editing services to reduce the noise of those images.

?White balance – to add the right amount of light in the images. image editors lighten the unnecessarily dark areas and darken the lighter areas so that the white colour in the image is balanced.

?Contrast – to make the photos more punchy, photo editors use contrasting tools.

Exposure – to expose areas of importance in a photo and brighten overall image.

Lens correction – to edit and address issue which may be present in camera lens.

Color adjustments – to adjust the colour of an image and make it look colour accurate.

?Shadow reflection – to adjust or create the shadow of an object in the photo.

?Special effects – to add various effects like weather conditions, animation, and 3D etc.

?Photo stitching to bring to photos together in such a way that they look like a single shot.

?Resizing/crop – to adjust the dimensions and frame of the photo.

?Background change or removal – to change or remove the background and shift the focus towards the subject.

Car Photo Editing Services - Who needs it?

Car image editing services are the need for every automobile company. No one in the current marketing system can deny the value of images. Therefore, to makes every image count, they need photo editing services, especially the following ones:

  • Photographers, because they need to bring a new life in their photos.
  • Automobile brands, because car image editing services give value to their brand. A quality image means a worthy product.
  • Business, because they want to illustrate their services and build a strong relationship with their audience.

Let's discuss the most important car images editing services.

Car Colour correction

At times, cameras are unable to capture the true colour of a car. Either the output file is too vibrant or too dim. Therefore, the real colour of the object needs to be depicted accurately. A car with wrong colours looks dull and unattractive. Moreover, each colour in an image translates a specific aspect which image editors understand and fix it.

Adding shadow To the Car

A wrong shadow in a car image is a major mistake. Shadow is one of the important effects among vehicle enhancement services. A shadow should look natural and original. The right amount of shadow adds meaning to the image of a car. At the same time, an exceeded or reduced amount of shadow can divert the attention of the audience. Shadow sets the tone of a photo and work as a contrasting element to the colours of the car. It makes photos scenic and interesting.

Car Background enhancement

The purpose of the photo is to draw attention to our subject: the car. Professionals also select specific features of a vehicle and highlight them with a proper background. Image editing services work on a background mainly in two ways:

  1. Removing the background
  2. Replacing the background

Editors remove the background when the subject does not need a background. Therefore, white and plain colour is added to draw attention to the car. On the other hand, editors sometimes replace the background with an appropriate one and emphasize on the subject. However, it is professional image editors who decide whether the background of the photo requires removal or replacement.

Retouching the Car Image

The purpose of retouching an image is to present it in the best possible way. vehicle enhancement services carryout retouching with high precision and utmost care. The most prominent step in retouching is removing any unwanted spots from the image. Because any spot on the car can kill the whole purpose of the image. Therefore, editors give vital importance to removing spots from photos. On the other hand, the most common steps in retouching are image sharpening and blur effects. To enhance the value of the subject, photo editors use both effects together with a contrasting element. Sometimes professionals use either one of them as well. However, using these effects, the editors superimpose important areas of the car to grab the attention of the viewers.

Vehicle enhancement services carry fundamental importance among photographers and brands who want to speak loudly to their target audience. Images are very important to engage and connect the audience with the product. Images also tell a story in a very effective manner. We know that: A picture is worth a thousand words but the fact is that only a strong picture is worth a thousand words. Mediocre photos can never send a strong message.