Photo cut out services are commonly used in product and apparel business. This service enables online sellers, product photographers and other business vendors to get rid of unwanted portions from their images.

cutout product background

High-quality image cut out services present you with beautiful product image catalogs with maximum professionalism. Moreover, if businesses want to sell their product on specific platforms like Amazon, Shopify, they need to conform to specific image requirements.  Directly or indirectly image cutting service is needed to make your images compatible with those standards like white background, image sizing, and product focus.

Attract more clients to your online store with Cut out images

Recent researches suggest that products with white backgrounds are more likely to sell then other backgrounds. Also product photos giving the most attention to the product attracts more clicks from online buyers.

All of this you can achieve by cutting out the actual background of the product and replacing it with white backgrounds. Moreover, images sometimes have unwanted scratches, marks, spots in the photo. You can remove those blemish parts with photo cut out services.

Moreover, the main goal of cutting out from a photo is to give all the focus to the main object like shoes, apparel etc. So viewers can exactly concentrate on how the product looks or relate to it without any distraction

For example, in amazon shops, amazon has seen from the start that product photos with white background sells more. So to make sure all products in their platform sell, they made it mandatory for all products to have white background.

How you get perfect Cut-outs

You can hire a professional retoucher or do the editing yourself for a small number of images. But what if you are an ecommerce vendor and you have thousands of images to cut out in a matter of hours?

Then only you or a hired designer can’t do it by yourselves. You need to hire a professional cut-out service provider who can ensure the quality and also provide the volume editing in a very short time.

How you can find Professional cut-out service providers



There are many online cut-out service providers out there who claim to provide your required cut-out services. But when choosing one of them you need to focus on certain criteria’s:

  • Clientele: Figure out how many clients worldwide the company has provided services. Also look for reviews from previous clients. The quality of the company services will be revealed to you instantly.
  • Capacity: First look at the image volume you have. They try to ask some questions about the team they have and how many images they can process in a day. You will have the clear picture then about their ability to provide the deliverables in time.
  • Delivery Time: One of the main essence of online business is timing. So you need to separate out the companies who are very effective with their deadline.
  • Quality: Look at their sample work to get a feel of their work quality. You can also order sample works to do sample image works.

So, when hiring companies like  Photography Clipping for expert services checkout these previously mentioned criteria. At our team we have already provided services worldwide and can fulfil any quality requirements you give to us about cut-out services.