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Watermarks are identical texts, or any form of patterns added to images to identify the owner of such an image. Basically, photographs are usually watermarked for copyright protection. Should you want to delete watermark or logo placed on an image in the most professional way possible, then you should hire the services of a watermark removal company. Not just any watermark removal company, but the best of their kind available – one of such is photography clipping.

Are you looking for long terms business relationship with us? if you have regular works then we can accept monthly payment. we will send the invoice end of month. you can make payment through PayPal, credit cards and bank Transfer.

We can compete any price of any service that seems to you lower than us with compatible quality.

  • Single Logo/ Watermark – $0.85 USD
  • 2 Logo/Watermark – $1.70 USD
  • 3 Logo/Watermark – $2.50 USD
  • 4 Logo/Watermark – $3.40 USD
  • 5 Logo/Watermark – $4.25 USD
  • Full Page Logo/Watermark – $10.00 USD

We have a team of experts with a maximum level of competence in removing logos and watermarks, or any other unwanted object that appears in photos. More often than not, watermarks, when present, establish distracting effects on viewers of your image. Sometimes, these watermarks may be quite significant that they steal the first attention of your viewers. Consequent to this, you may desire to remove such unwanted patterns or objects. Also, images or photographs without watermarks or logos can be used anywhere without restrictions.

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Why Choose Our Watermark and Logo Removal Services?

Without gainsaying, there are several reasons to choose us. Most notably is our ever-ready and committed team of experts, whose primary goal is to ensure your satisfaction and the establishment of a long-term relationship. Should you need to delete watermark from your images, then below are exceptional reasons you should choose our logo and watermark erase service.

  • Rich and Comprehensive Experience:

As an watermark remover agency, a team of experienced professionals drawn from a variety of industries, including printing and publication, real estate, eCommerce, advertising, TV production, art galleries, and so on. Typically, we take advantage of our versatile experience to provide the most effective service to all our customers.

  • Provision of Up-to-date Solutions: 

Our editing experts make use of latest watermark removal tool and technologies. Our relentless pursuit of the latest trends causes us to design unusual and up-to-date solutions for our esteemed customers.

  • Clean Work: 

With us, you can be sure of enjoying the cleanest image result. Images that we deliver have no traces of watermarks or logo of any kind, regardless if it is a single photo or huge batches of images.

  • Dependable Team: 

Regardless of how complex or complicated the watermark or logo, or unwanted object on your image may be, you can depend on our expertise to offer you a traceless product. Basically, as you rely on us, we transfer your trust unto our wealth of experience and state-of-the-art technologies – overall, in the end, you will be stunned with our free your image turns out to be.

  • Minimal Turnaround Time: 

As much as we offer you the best, you can be sure of having your images free from watermarks as quickly as possible. We are a dedicated team of editors, committed to offering the fastest turnaround time, yet without impairing the quality of our services.

  • Affordable Packages: 

Despite the amazing quality of services that we offer, we have tailored our pricing system such that it supports almost every potential client. You can be sure of enjoying cost-effective services at our editing studio.

Do you feel the need to remove the watermark from image, regardless if you are a photographer or not? Do not hesitate to contact us today for your personalized quote.