Shoe photo editing service is expending it’s used day to day. People are purchasing daily things like shoes, clothes from online stores regularly. So, vendors in shoes and other products face an important task to visualize their product to attract customers.

Because of the competition in marketplaces, manufacturers race to make their shoe brand more attractive than others. Beautiful and realistic shoe images are the new banner for your company. If you look at brands like Adidas or Nike they have the most attractive shoe images in the market.

As a result, to get irresistible shoe images professional footwear retouching services can give you a much-needed business advantage. Images are the only way to make your customers purchase shoes online. So, a good photo editing package can provide you sales boost you need.

Shoe Editing: Context, Need & Solution

Companies hire a photographer to capture the shoe photos. But it’s not possible to get professional web images with just photography. Editors need to include sharpness and color tone enhancement.

Many problems may get included in the photo. Problems in a shoe photography session can be fixed with professional editing. There are many steps of editing is done before getting the actual final look of the photo. Specifically, editors want to achieve the following tasks during shoe editing-

  1. Changing multicolor to create separate variants
  2. Defining sharpness of shoe edges.
  3. Remove dust, blemish, and scratches from the shoe photo.
  4. Bring the actual look of the product
  5. Adding brand logo
  6. Web compatible image optimization

In these cases, a photo editing company can help you with specialized shoe editing services. This service is useful for shoe photographers and vendors to produce quality images at an affordable cost.

Commonly used editing services can be a great help with specific tasks for editing the shoes. Here are common editing services that editing companies provide for shoe photographers or vendors.

  1. Clipping path: For shoe photography, multipath services are required with a normal clipping path in the first phase of editing. It used to separate each component of the photo.

Transparent Background: In this phase, the background is determined from the standard. Unnecessary elements from the shoe background is deleted and transformed into a white background.

Retouching: For increasing shoe shininess and smoothness you need to do basic retouching like edge sharpening, toning, color scaling, and correction.

Shadow Effect: shoe images are normally 2D images. Adding 3D drop shadows make the shoe more realistic. Reflection shadows are also added to make it more lively and attractive to customers.

Recoloring: Brands does not have the money to shoot all color variant of a shoe. It’s costly and time-consuming. Professional recoloring service generates visual variants of shoes from the single photoshoot.

E-commerce vendors can hire professional shoe editing companies for the required quality without any worry. Skilled editors can perform in short notice ensuring premium quality. This will boost your sales tremendously.


Moreover, vendors sometimes need quick service with lots of shoe photos in a short time. It’s only possible for companies such as Photography Clipping to provide emergency service in a short turnaround.

In conclusion, shoe editing service providers have expertise in all post-processing sectors. You should trust your photo editing company as the best business companion.