Watches have become a luxury. They became an attractive part of a person’s fashion. Selling a watch, these days does not require a company to advertise how accurate their watch is in showing the time, rather how beautiful it looks on people’s wrist. This enhanced the need to watch image editing services.

Photographers, who are hired to take pictures of a company’s watch, need to produce amazing looking pictures of watches that the subject in the photo seems focused and perfect. In order to achieve perfect-looking photos, high-end photo retouching services are consulted.

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What does these watch image editing services do?

Watch image editing services are provided by highly-skilled, professional photo editors who transform normal-looking photos into ad-worthy photos. During this process of editing, these talented people go through several editing functions using various tools. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Adding or correcting shadow reflection
  • Background changing/removing
  • Adding special effects into the image
  • Correcting white balance
  • Reducing noise from photos
  • Adjusting contrast and exposure
  • Adjustment of colours
  • Photo stitching
  • Resizing or cropping images

There are tons of tools which are used by these professional photo editing services. Using their skills, they give a new life to the subjects in the photos: What else do photographers want from their photos?

Among the above-mentioned services, three are the major watch image editing services which are provided by these outsourcing photo editors.

  1. Background editing

Professional photo editors select the background of a watch really carefully. A background must compliment the subject and divert attention towards the subject of the image (which is watch in our case).


There are two types of background editing services available:

  1. Background changing – to change the background of a watch so that it enhances all its features.
  2. Background removing – to remove the background altogether and leave it plain white. This is also a trick to keep the target audience focused on the subject.
  1. Colour correction

Colour correction is really important as it can be one of the major selling points of watch photos. Companies must deliver what they showcase. Therefore, photographers must use these high-end watch photo retouching services.


Colour correction includes the following types of editing services:

  1. Contrast – to differentiate or blend the subject with the background.
  2. White balance – to correct the amount of light used in the photo.
  3. Colour adjustment – to adjust the right amount of colour; neither too sharp nor too light.
  1. Special effects

Watch image editing services without special effects can never be completed. Special effects become a special necessary for a watch’s selling point. These image editing services include the following services:

  1. Blur effects – to blur out the areas around the watch and make the watch more prominent. This also gives a depth effect which enhances the looks of watches.
  2. 3D effects – to make the watch look like 3-dimensional. 3D effects produce exquisite details regarding the watch like its form-factor, size, diameter, real feel etc.
  3. Mirror image – to cast the shadow of the watch on glass and produce a mirror image. This is a cool design which gives photos an attractive and natural look.

Watch image editing services produce great results for both photographers and businesses. A better image that presents all the important features of the watch can sky-rocket sales. Therefore, consulting these professional image editors is always the right choice.